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Did you know you’ve probably been paying full price for a second-class clean?  If you’re not using Citrus-O, you’ve been receiving less than the best carpet cleaning from your provider.

Here’s why:

Truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems provide the best possible carpet cleaning, but they have big limitations because the van containing the cleaning machine has to stay on the street, and there is a limit to how long the cleaning hoses can be.  If you are located above the second floor, or you are not right next to an access road or laneway, you have to settle for a portable carpet cleaning system.

Like their name “portable” implies, these mini carpet cleaning machines are typically small meaning they will have less suction, produce less heat, and can’t provide the same quality of cleaning as a truck-mounted system.  Most of these portable machines aren’t very different from the carpet cleaning machines you can rent at the grocery store.



We’re a superior company, but we’re still only human.  We couldn’t figure out how to make cleaning vans fly, so we did the next best thing, we outfitted our Citrus-O fleet with a special portable power-plant called the “Nautilus” that is essentially a truck-mount in a portable’s body.

Our Nautilus system makes no sacrifices or compromises. Thanks to its enormous power, you can receive all the cleaning benefits of our unique Rotary DriMaster system, just like our truck-mounted customers.

The Rotary DriMaster and the Nautilus work together, providing truck-mount caliber extraction that leaves your carpets cleaner, and they will dry in only 2-3 hours.  As an added bonus our special apartment and condo cleaning vans have been lowered, so they will fit into underground parking garages.  If you have visitor or service parking spots available underground that can access an elevator, we can service you with ease.


Just like the superior clean you will get for your carpets, we can clean your leather and fabric upholstery using our specialized tools and proprietary cleaning solutions.  We also have extremely efficient tools for cleaning your tile and grout. The superior pressure and vacuum from our Nautilus power-plant allows us to give you a truck-mount quality clean whether you are on the 3rd floor or the 63rd floor.  Don’t forget your balcony either.  Our hard-surface cleaning tools provide the cleaning power of the strongest pressure washer, but with no mess.  All water and cleaning solutions are instantly vacuumed up into a recovery tank. Your deck will dry quickly and there is no spillage over the edge.


Mr. O from Citrus-OManufacturer’s recommend the application of Ultra Guard Plus fabric protector after every

professional cleaning to help your carpets & upholstery stay cleaner, brighter, fresher, newer longer.

Add upholstery cleaning and save even more!

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Book now and save up to 40% PLUS
Get up to 100 Air Miles Reward Miles

Call Now 1-855-248-7875