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People often forget about cleaning their upholstery, even though it acts as a filter system along with carpets and absorbs all the dead skin cells, dust and allergens in your home. It is important to a establish regular furniture upholstery cleaning schedule.

Our trained professional cleaning technicians take the time to fully understand your unique furniture upholstery cleaning needs. We can clean your sofa, loveseat, arm chair, recliner, office chair, dining chairs, ottoman, or sectional couch. We can clean most natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics include cotton, cotton blends, linen, and wool. Synthetic fabrics include acetate, microfibre, nylon, polyester, rayon blends and vinyl. We do not clean silk or 100% rayon.

At Citrus-O we use natural citrus cleaning solutions which clean, deodorize and sanitize, removing the deepest soils safely and gently while leaving a fresh-cut citrus scent.

drimaster upholstery cleaning toolWe clean all your upholstery by hand, using the DriMaster upholstery tool, which has the same jetless sheeting action as the Rotary DriMaster carpet cleaning machine, leaving your upholstery dry sooner. This superior cleaning tool releases cleaning solution in a constant, concentrated stream that powers through soil quickly, leaving behind virtually no residual moisture. The result: no over-wetting or overspray to clean up. In fact, the DriMaster leaves fabrics 50% drier than the conventional furniture upholstery cleaning tools that our competitors often use.drimaster upholstery cleaning tool bottom view

Along with the Rotary DriMaster for carpets, the Upholstery DriMaster tool is yet another way that Citrus-O invests in giving customers the best the industry has to offer.



Mr. O from Citrus-OManufacturer’s recommend the application of Ultra Guard Plus fabric protector after every

professional cleaning to help your carpets & upholstery stay cleaner, brighter, fresher, newer longer.

Add carpet cleaning and save even more!

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Save Up To 35% + Get Air Miles Reward Miles!

Call Now 1-855-248-7875